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Charity Governance

Marlow Sports Club Ltd is a charitable company limited by guarantee without share capital (incorporated on 17 May 1961) and registered as a charity with the Charity Commission in January 2011. Its Company Number is 00692958 and its Registered Charity Number is 1139862. Its working name is Marlow Sports Club. Marlow Sports Club is governed by its Articles of Association which established the objectives and powers of the Charity. They were filed with Companies House in September 2011.

Marlow Sports Club is a community facility; its purpose is the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare for sports, recreation or other leisure time occupation for the inhabitants of Marlow and the surrounding area, for the benefit of the public at large and with the object of improving the conditions of life of the local inhabitants. The Members of Marlow Sports Club as at August 2023 are:

  • Marlow Cricket Club

  • Marlow Hockey Club 

  • Marlow Riders

  • Marlow Striders

  • Marlow Tennis Club

  • Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School

Individual membership sits with each of the above Member Sections which are governed by their own Section Chair/equivalent and Committee/equivalent and Constitution. Two General Meetings of the Member Sections, one of which shall be an Annual General Meeting (AGM), must be held in each financial year. Each Member Section is represented at General Meetings by the relevant Chair/equivalent or by a nominated alternative and is entitled in addition to be accompanied by an individual nominated as an Observer.


The Board of Trustees (who are also Directors of the Limited Company) oversees the Charity and its day-to-day activities. It meets monthly to ensure effective and timely management, liaising with the Member Sections through their respective Chairs and Committees. The Trustees share formal responsibility for the Charity and must act in its best interests. Some Trustees take on specific roles on the Board such as Chair or Treasurer. A Finance Committee (FinComm) of the Trustee Board, chaired by the Treasurer, meets in advance of each Trustee Board. An Operations Committee (OpsComm) chaired by another Trustee and involving a representative from each of the Member Sections, ensures informed decision making on near-term maintenance issues and development of recommendations as appropriate to the Trustees on longer term maintenance and development needs.


At each AGM, by rotation, one third of the Trustees (or a number nearest to one third) must retire from office. The Trustees to retire by rotation are those who have been longest in office since their last appointment. They may, if they wish, stand for reappointment. New Trustees are appointed in the first instance by the Board, but that person must then resign and be reappointed by the Members at the next AGM. Following the end of each Financial Year, a Directors’ and Trustees Report & Financial Statement, approved by the Board and including an Independent Examiner’s Report, is presented to the AGM and then submitted to the Charity Commission and Companies House.


In addition to usage payments and fundraising/charitable donations, a significant financial contribution to the Sports Club comes from the wholly owned subsidiary MSC Commercial Limited (MSCC) which has its own Board.  MSCC operates the on-site bar and catering facilities and manages short term lettings of the Club’s facilities. It pays a turnover based licence fee to the club. Any residual profits are donated to the Charity. The Commercial Director of MSCC attends the Trustee Board and advises the Trustees on commercial matters. 


The President and the Patrons are not members of the Trustee Board. They are people who lend their support to the Sports Club. 

The attachment below contains the current Articles of Association.

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